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There is the mistaken notion that haircuts for women are more demanding than those for men. The truth is that this belief is born from the apparent great variety of cuts and hairstyles of women’s hair and the supposed limitation of men’s cuts.


In actual fact, both men and women always look for a nice haircut at barbers leeds city centre and often do not get it, mainly because of a communication problem. Here are some practical tips (for men), which will make the barber understand what is wanted and so achieve the appropriate cut.


To begin with, it is really important you already have an approximate idea of what you want and you must convey this to the barber with great detail. In some cases the professional will follow the guidelines and in others suggest some modifications, based on their experience and desire to advise.


Communication becomes better if you already know the barber. You’ll be at an advantage if you and the barber have known each other for a long time, so the communication is quite comfortable and fluid. Nowadays, with everyone always in a rush, links to lifetime barbers has been lost; but it is never too late to reinforce and build a bond that will greatly facilitate the communication and the final result of the haircut.

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